Mind Fitness™ Programs

Each program is tailor-made to the individual personality, requirements and goals. Each session is 60 minutes long and combines 30 minutes spiritual-mind-life coaching with 30 minutes CognitiveOS Hypnosis®.

Emotional Freedom ~ 12 sessions

The basic Mind Fitness™ program engineered to detox the mind, implementing self-reliance, interrupting AED, boosting positive behavioral choices and allowing emotional freedom and happiness. Each Mind Fitness™ session has a specific purpose and each prepares the ground for the next:

Sessions 1: Anamnesis and 1st session
• After an initial conversation about your symptoms and important life events, the 1st session will ease your mind into the Mind Fitness™ program with a highly relaxing and invigorating meditation.

Sessions 2-3: Release of Anxiety and Fear
• These 2 sessions help your mind release unwanted anxiety and fear. This vital initial step aims to reduce the inefficient activity of your brain, freeing brainpower required to progress with the therapy.

Sessions 4-6: Releasing Dependency Behaviors
• Sessions 4 to 6 help your mind accept and embrace what is natural and long past due emotional self-reliance. The release of Adult Emotional Dependency is the primary aim of the therapy. I notice substantial changes in most clients during or immediately after this group of sessions.

Sessions 7-9: Building a Framework for Self-Reliance
• These sessions capitalize on the work done, the mind’s new-found willingness to establish and enhance emotional independence. These sessions are crucial to create the framework for all your new self-reliant behaviors – these are then developed and refined in the next months and years through your daily experiences.

Sessions 10-11: Journeys of Forgiveness – Release Self-judgment, Shame, Guilt & Regret – Self-forgiveness and Release Judgment, Blame, Resentment, Anger & Pain and Forgive others.
• The sessions 10-11 focus on the successful processing of your past experiences, associated with yourself and to others. The aim is to remove negative emotional attachments with the past. This process frees furthermore misused brainpower and enhances your relationship with yourself and with the relevant people of your past.

Sessions 12: Release anxiety and fears
• The last session completes the therapy where it started: with the release of lingering unwanted anxiety and fear – finalizing the course .

1 Week Intensive ~ 12 sessions (twice daily)

This is the basic Mind Fitness™ program condensed in just 6 days (Mon-Sat), typically chosen by out-of-state clients with a limited availability of time.

Mind surgery - removal of false unconscious believes
This program helps to synchronize logic with unconscious. We logically know that the chatter that inhabits our mind is not true, but despite that, it doesn’t stops limiting our performance and confidence. In each sessions of this program we use a logical process to identify the roots of your unconscious miss-believes, and then with a subliminal method in CognitiveOS Hypnosis® we help your mind to embrace the true, removing these false data and the associated behaviors.

Copy of Past Traumas and Reset
This program updates the perception of your past experiences, according to your current emotional and intellectual maturity. This subliminal process clears emotional traumas, capitalizes on past experiences, updates behavioral models and creates new spiritual and practical life tools.

Creative Freedom
The Creative Freedom’s program expands Mind Fitness™ in the area of freedom of expression, confidence and talent in the area of performance and creativity. This essential course helps new and established actors, artists, composers and writers to unleash or improve their natural artistic skills, and obtain or enhance their deserved success.

The High-Performance’s program expands Mind Fitness™ in the area of efficiency, high-performance and time management in work, relationships, academic studies, sport, spirituality, etc. This essential course will help you clear procrastination and improve dramatically your focus, efficiency and the ability to perform successfully in every aspect of your life.

Better Parenting
The Better Parenting’s program expands Mind Fitness™ in the area of parents’ behavioral models and emotional fulfillment. This course will help you to improve your focus and efficiency as parent and educator, and will grant your children proper parental self-reliant behavioral models, shielding them from the emotional pains caused by Adult Emotional Dependency.

Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
The Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)’s program expands Mind Fitness™ in the area of the re-processing and perceptional changes of traumatic experiences. It helps reset the survival system (responsible for the ‘fight, freeze or flight’ process) and remove trauma’s related anxiety and fear. This program helps military veterans and non-military people that incurred life-crippling traumatic experiences to regain efficiency, purpose and joy in their lives.

Love and Relationship
You can’t love successfully others if you don’t love yourself. The Love and Relationship’s program expands Mind Fitness™ in the area of self-love, emotional availability, emotional PTSD, self-reliance in relationship and attraction. This course will help you to attract (and keep) your deserved life partner or dramatically improve your existing relationship.

High-Power Executive Management
The High-Power Executive Management’s program expands Mind Fitness™ in the area of leadership, high-performance in the business environment, mind clarity and focus. This program helps companies to boost dramatically their performance, expansions and success.

High-Power Sales Executive The High-Power Sales Executive program expands Mind Fitness™ in the area of confidence, empathy and drive. This program helps companies to boost dramatically the performance of their sales team.

Alcohol & Drugs Addiction The Alcohol & Drugs Addiction program expands Mind Fitness™ in the area of self-emotional fulfillment, mind management, mental endurance, and reset unwarranted anxiety and fear. This program helps embrace sobriety effortlessly – we recommend enter this program after at least 30 days of rehabilitation in a specialized center.

High-Focus Athlete The High-Focus Athlete program expands Mind Fitness™ in the area of focus, thoughts and emotions management, high-performance and mental endurance. This program grants exceptional performance to professional and non-professional athletes.

The Mind Fitness™ ability to help implementing alternative behavioral models, reset instinctual responses and remove obsolete behavior can be applied to most mind related issues.